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Sultanganj is mostly famous for Sultanganj Babadham Yatra. Yatra begins from Sultanganj and ends at Babadham (Deoghar).This city located in the Bhagalpur district of the Indian state of Bihar. It is situated on the south bank of Ganga river, 25 km west of Bhagalpur city.During the ongoing month of ‘Shrawan’, lakhs of pilgrims from across the country descend on Sultanganj in Bhagalpur to collect holy water from the Ganga after which they proceed to Deoghar to offer the water to Lord Shiva at Baidyanath Dham. This path is newly prepared and is a kachha path. The prior total distance was about 106 Km. Due to the construction of new Kanwaria Kachha path distance is reduced by about 16 Km.

Story of Sultanganj to Babadham Yatra
Lord Rama had carried the holy Ganges water from Sultanganj in a kanwar and offered to Lord Shiva at Babadham.

Shravani Mela starts in every month of Sawan (Hindi Month). More than 50 lakhs devotees come to Sultanganj for taking Holy water of Ganga River. After taking Holy water of Ganga River they go to Baidyanath Dham (Deoghar) by on foot in a full month of Sawan. The total distance from Sultanganj to Baidynath Dham is 108 km.Some devotees run non-stop (Dak Bam) to Deoghar from Sultanganj and they reach Babadham (Baidyanath Dham) in less than 24 hrs.The person who goes Babadham (Deoghar) from Sultanganj on foot they called Kanwariya. They reached Babadham in 3-4 days. The person who started non-stop on foot journey from Sultanganj to Babadham for 108 km they called ‘Dak – Bam’.There is special facility in Babadham temple for Dak Bam for the worship of Lord Shankar at Deoghar.

The route from Sultanganj to Babadham

Are you looking for the route plan from Sultanganj to Babadham (Deoghar), Jharkhand.

  • Baba Ajgaivinath (Sultanganj) to Kamrai
  • Kamrai to Masumganj
  • Masumganj to Asarganj
  • Asarganj to Manihari
  • Manihari to Tarapur
  • Tarapur to Bihma
  • Bihma to Baidpur
  • Baidpur to Mania Dharamshala
  • Mania Dharamshala to Kumarsar
  • Kumarsar to Vishwakarma Tola
  • Vishwakarma Tola to Mahadev Nagar
  • Mahadev Nagar to Chandan Nagar
  • Chandan Nagar to Jilebia More
  • Jilebia More to Nageshwar Nath
  • Nageshwar Nath to Suiya
  • Suiya to Shivalok
  • Shivalok to Abrakha
  • Abrakha to Katoria
  • Katoria to Lakshman Jhula
  • Lakshman Jhula to Inarawaran
  • Inarawaran to Bhulbhulaiya River
  • Bhulbhulaiya River to Goryari
  • Goryari Inn to Patania
  • Patania to Kalkatia
  • Kalkatia to Bhutbangla
  • Bhutbangla to Darshaniya
  • Darshaniya to Baba Baidyanath Temple

What to carry with in Sultanganj Kanwar Yatra?

Kanwar, two water pots, match box, agarbatti (incense sticks), candles, torch, cloth bag, plastic sheet, thin blanket, saffron clothing (two pairs), towel, money.

How far is sultanganj from Babadham?

Sultanganj to Deoghar (Babadham) by road 120 KM distance one way.Its take 3 to 4 hours to reach Sultanganj to Deoghar, Jharkhand

What to carry with in Sultanganj Kanwar Yatra?

Kanwar, two water pots, match box, agarbatti (incense sticks), candles, torch, cloth bag, plastic sheet, thin blanket, saffron clothing (two pairs), towel, money.

How many km Sultanganj to Deoghar?

Sultanganj to Deoghar is 120 KM.

How far is Sultanganj to Babadham walking distance?

Sultanganj to Babadham walking distance is 108 KM.

Sultanganj to Deoghar (Babadham) Kanwar route 2023 ?

Kanwar Yatra Route Plan 2023:
Baba Ajgaivinath (Sultanganj)-Kamrai-Masumganj-Asarganj-Manihari-Tarapur-Bihma-Baidpur-Mania Dharamshala-Kumarsar-Vishwakarma Tola-Mahadev Nagar-Chandan Nagar-Jilebia More-Nageshwar Nath-Suiya-Shivalok-Abrakha-Katoria-Lakshman Jhula-Inarawaran-Bhulbhulaiya River-Goryari-Patania-Kalkatia-Bhutbangla -Darshaniya to Baba Baidyanath Temple
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