Netarhat Sightseeing Places

Netarhat Sightseeing Places – The Upper Ghagri Falls, Lower Ghaghri Falls, Magnolia Sunset Point, Koel View Point, Sadni Falls.

1. The Upper Ghagri Falls 

Situated around 4 km from the plateau of Netarhat, Upper Ghagri waterfalls are known for their ethereal beauty. The opulent waterfalls lend to the surrealist nature surrounding the area. The gushing waterfalls not only appeal to aesthetic senses of the visitors, but also fill them with a sense of calm and peace.

2. Lower Ghaghri Falls

The Lower Ghagri Falls are located about 10 km from Netarhat. The cascading waterfalls descend from a height of 320 ft. Located in a very dense forest region; these waterfalls are the 33rd highest waterfall in India. The noises of the water hitting against the boulders and rocks in the hillocks reverberate over metres. The falls appeals to all-nature enthusiast, trekkers and those who seek recourse from the hustles of everyday life.

3. Magnolia Sunset Point

This mesmerizing point is located at a distance of 10 km from the plateau region. This tourist spot attracts hundreds of visitors every day. The point is located in the vicinity of the Vindhya Hills, and is renowned for its awe-inspiring view during sunset and sunrise. According to a colonial legend, a British girl named Magnolia, had plunged to death from the cliff as she was ridiculed for having fallen in love with a local shepherd. The cliff was renamed as Magnolia Point posthumously.

4. Koel View Point

Koel View Point, situated at a distance of 3km from Netarhat is yet another attraction for those who seek calm in the bounty of nature. The Point offers a clear glance at the River Koel.

5. Sadni Falls

The Sadni Falls are situated about 35 km from the region of Netarhat. These Falls cascade down in the shape of a snake and the resounding waters only add to the effect. The surroundings are astounding with bold hillocks, ornate forests and gushing stream.
Netarhat is easily accessible by air, road and rail. Birsa Munda Airport in Ranchi is the nearest airport, which is located at a distance of about 146 kms from the hill station. Also located at a distance of 145 kms is the Ranchi Railway Station. Those who prefer travelling by road can drive upto Netarhat in private cars, taxis or buses.


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