Tarapith is a popular holy place for the devoted Hindu pilgrims.The place is named after Maa Kali, which also known Maa Tara.Tarapith is situated on the banks of the north-flowing Dwarka River, in Birbhum, in West Bengal.Tarapith people comes to Tarapith to after offering PUJA (worship) and prayers at Tara pith temple nobody return with empty hands and their Desires get fulfilled.Tarapith is also famous for Bamakhepa known as the ‘mad saint’, who worshiped in the temple and resided in the cremation grounds as a mendicant and practiced and perfected Yoga and the Tantric art under the tutelage of another famous saint known as the Kailash Pati Baba. Bama Khepa dedicated his entire life to the worship of mother Tara. His ashram is also located close to the temple.

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