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About Bodh Gaya

A place related to Gautam Buddha, the holy place for Buddhists. Do not miss the Attractions. Come visit the beauty of temples located here.We all surf internet. So, you all must be knowing about this place, I am sure. Let me tell you the basic information related to this place. A beautiful place and one of the most famous pilgrimage centre located in Bihar, India. This is the place Gautam Buddha found enlightenment. The language spoken here is ‘magadhi’ and ‘hindi’. It belongs to district Gaya. Bodh Gaya is famous for Buddhist pilgrimage as it is related to Gautam Buddha. Bodh Gaya is situated by the bank of Niranjana river. As the city’s name is after Gautam Buddha, we must know who he was, how was his journey of life. Gautam Buddha was Born in Nepal, at home he was called ‘siddhartha’, also called ‘sakyamuni’ or‘tathagat’. He lived in a place called Kapil Vastu, now called as Lumbini. His father was Suddodana, mother Maya Devi.

Siddhartha also thought about the reason for his existence. He had a happy and luxurious life. His father wanted him to be the king and he was not allowed to see the outside world.Siddhartha didn’t have the permission to go out of the palace. One day his parents decided him to get married. Siddhartha was married to Yashodhara, they had a child named Rahul. One morning Siddhartha decided to give up his worldly life and become a holy man and left the palace. His journey began with meditation. As he had no idea from where to begin, Siddhartha decided to meditate. He found a fig tree, sat under it, now well known as the Bodhi Tree. He decided not to get up from there until he found enlightenment.Siddhartha sat there for around fifty days and is said to have found the Enlightenment.

He also found the answer to suffering, ‘the four noble Truths’. Then he traveled down to Sarnath to teach people his new thoughts and ideas. He traveled to all the places sharing his thoughts and learning from life. He never pretended himself as the god. Many people through his thoughts and teachings found enlightenment. Siddhartha started a sangha which is a group of Buddhists monks and nuns? He died at the age of 80. The teaching of Buddha is called Buddhism which taught “pain is a part of life”. Siddhartha said pain is because, of desire, he shared how desire can be ended and pain can vanish or disappear by doing good things. Buddha believed that it is up to an individual to become enlightened.

Attractions of Bodh Gaya

Mahabodhi temple: it belongs to the 7th century. The main deity is Lord Buddha, the temple promotes tolerance towards other religions.

Vishnupad temple: Vishnupad temple is considered to be constructed on Lord Vishnu’s footprints and hence the name is Vishnupad

Bodhi tree: the tree is situated on the southern side of Mahabodhi temple. It is considered sacred by followers of Buddhism as Buddha attained spiritual enlightenment here.

Dungeshwari cave temple: it is referred to as Mahakala Caves. Buddha spent many years here before he headed towards Gaya for Enlightenment. A great destination to meditate.

The great Buddha statue: the great Buddha statue is one of the Buddhist pilgrimages in Bodh Gaya. It took seven years to complete with the help of 12,000 masons. The statue is in meditation pose or Dhyanamudra seated on a lotus in the open air.

Deoghar to Bodh Gaya (270 km)

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