Hazaribagh Sightseeing Places

Hazaribagh Sightseeing Places -Hazaribagh Lake, Konar Dam, Canary Hills, Rajrappa Explore Hazaribagh, Jharkhand

1. Hazaribagh Lake

Located in the centre of the city and wrapped around with bungalows of important government and juridical officials, Hazaribagh Lake is one of the most prominent features of the town. The lake encompasses its own uniqueness as it is divided into four distinct segments. Closed with the Urban Haat and AIR offices on the northern side, it is the edge of the third partition that is offers a scenic charm for gazing the horizon at the dusk and the dawn. The third partition is also the largest part of the lake. The lake also offers water activities and is a well-known picnic spot amongst the locals. One can also indulge in leisure walks and can enjoy toy train rides at the cafeteria nearby when visiting the Hazaribagh Lake.

2. Rajrappa

An important temple dedicated to Goddess Chinnamastaka, Rajrappa Temple stands at the merger of River Damodar and River Bhairavi. The River Bhairavi merges with River Damodar falling from a height of 30 ft. This in turn results in a beautiful waterfall that is in the vicinity of the temple. The waterfalls are a famous picnic spot due its enchanting beauty and also has allows boating activities which is a favourite amongst the visitors here. The temple is famous for its headless idol and the practice of ‘bali’ (animal sacrifice) is still a custom here. Apart from the main deity there are idols of ten other deities here. The temple is of historical importance and draws a large number of devotees on daily basis.

3. Hazaribagh National Park

Scattered in an area of approximately 186 km, Hazaribagh National Park is a home to a diverse variety of fauna. The national park is famous for homing the cheetals, sambhars, neelgai, bisons, spotted deer and kakars. Since the place has an accessible road of about 111km, it helps the tourists to visit the remotest parts of the national park and watch the wild in their natural habitat. There are also watch towers that are wisely constructed to watch the wild and yet staying at a safe distance from them. As per the last census there were only 14 tigers left in the area and hence are difficult to spot.

4. Konar Dam
One of the most picturesque destinations of the area is the Konar Dam. Situated on a tributary of the Damodar River, Konar, the dam is constructed. This dam is the second project of four that are built on the tributaries of Damodar River by the Damodar Valley Corporation. The dam is about 160 ft in height and 14900ft in length. The dam also has a huge reservoir which is the main attraction of the place. The reservoir offers a serene and tranquil view of the water collected and is a picture perfect place. There is another small reservoir on the way to the main reservoir. The place wraps a postcard view and is a perfect place to spend your day at.

5. Canary Hills

Jammed amidst a thick forest cover, Canary Hills is another important landmark of the city. The hills have a small lake at its base and offer a panoramic view of the entire Hazaribagh city. The place is also famous amongst the trekkers as it is said the trek offers a splendid view throughout the path. One can either drive to the top of the Canary Hills or alternatively climb the steps to reach the top. At the top of the hill is a rest house which also homes an observation tower and offers an extended view of the Eastern part of the Hazaribagh forest.

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