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There is a beautiful district in Jharkhand known as Deogarh or Debgarh which is a must visit place with a great history. The district is the former capital of the Bamra princely state of British India.

Let us explore more about it.

About Deogarh

Deoghar is the main city of the Deoghar District which is located in the Santhal Parganas division of the state of Jharkhand, India.

Raja Shri Basudeb Sudhal Deb was the ruler of this district who belonged to the Ganga Vamsi dynasty and also extended the royal family of the Gajapati emperor of Odisha.

As the name suggests, this place is the main center for Hindu pilgrimage. You can find the famous Baba Baidyanath Dham temple here. It is one of the twelve Shiva Jyotirlingas as well as one of the 51 Shakti Peethas in India. The place is located 150 km from Bhagalpur, the largest city in the region. Earlier Deogarh belonged to Dumka District and is the 5th largest city in Jharkhand.

Why the name Deogarh?

Deoghar means abode (‘ghar’) of the Gods and Goddesses (‘dev’).  Hence, this is why many people call this place various names like “Baidyanath Dham”, “Baba Dham”, and “B. Deoghar”. In Sanskrit, the place is called Haritakivan or Ketakivan. It is believed that the name Deogarh recently originated and came up after the erection of the Baba Baidyanath Dham temple.

If we talk about the temple, some parts of its construction were done by Puran Mal who is the ancestor of the Maharaja of Giddhour, in 1596.

Best time to visit in Deogarh

Those who worship Lord Shiva must visit Deoghar, especially during the month of Shravan i.e.  July and August. During this time, Deogarh Yatra takes place in which devotees from different parts of India come with holy water from various areas of the Ganges at Sultanganj, which is almost 108 km from Deoghar. They offer the water to Lord Shiva at Baba Baidyanath Dham temple with a belief that their wishes will get fulfilled. Apart from that, a line of people in saffron-dyed clothes stretches over the full 108 km. It is followed by a Shrawan Mela, the longest Mela in Asia. You can also visit the temple during the winters which is the period between October to March. During that time, the temperature is low and inviting for travellers.

The best option is to look for Deogarh tour packages if you are interested in traveling the whole city. Under these packages, you can find nice hotels to stay at.

But before that, find out some major places you can visit in Deogarh.

How to reach Deoghar ?

By flight: Try the Deoghar Airport also known as Baba Baidyanath Airport. It is a domestic airport and is situated approximately 12 kilometres from the city centre. The airport was launched recently on 12th July 2022, whose foundation stone was laid by PM Narendra Modi.

By Train: Another convenient way to reach Deoghar is by train. The Baidyanath Dham Railway Station is located 7km from the city. Once there, you can hail a cab or a rickshaw to reach the city center.

By Road: Major cities of Bihar and Jharkhand are connected to Deoghar through bus routes. You can board the daily buses from Ranchi or Patna and reach the city.

Where to stay in Deogarh?

Deogarh tour packages offer various options for stay which also includes high-end hotels. There are budget friendly and comfortable lodges too and are fully packed during the month of Shrawan. The expensive hotels are near the tourist spots and center of the city.

Hence, for tourists, Jharkhand is an amazing place with some great destinations like Deoghar, a religious heritage. It is a place both for pilgrims and tourists. Every year around 8 million devotees in large groups visit the place. Those who want to explore the religious places, should visit Deogarh once in their lifetime. It will give you inner peace and bring you near to spirituality.

Are you interested to know about the Indian diversity and its culture? Then start planning your vacation to this wonderful place. Trust me you will enjoy each and every attraction here. So grab your cameras to capture the magnificent temples and landscapes of Deogarh. Although some places have restrictions on using cameras, you can still use it at places like Tapovan Caves.

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