Deoghar is popularly known as Baidyanath Dham. It is located in north-eastern Jharkhand. Deoghar is a famous place of worship for the Hindu community.Deoghar is famous for the ancient temple of Baba Baidyanath, which is one of the twelve ‘Jyotirlingas’ in India, Deoghar is also an ancient town famous for its group of 22 temples dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva.This city is also regarded as a house of different gods and goddesses as a large number of temples adorn this place.Places, where visitors visit in Deoghar, are BABA BAIDHNATH TEMPLE, TAPOVAN, NOULAKHA TEMPLE, NANDAN PAHAR, SATSANG NAGAR, NAV DURGA TEMPLE, RAM KRISHNA ASHRAM, PAGAL BABA TEMPLE, HIJLA JORIA, MANDAR HILLS, TRIKUTI PAHAR, DEV SANGH etc. 

Deogarh is known as the land of temples. There are many temples and other sightseeing locations in Deogarh. The two main events namely Shravan Mela and Durga Puja are also celebrated with great enthusiasm. Baba Baidyanath temple is one of the major attraction of the area. A number of tourists visit Deogarh. The tourism in Deoghar is one of the major economic activity of the region.If planning to visit Deoghar then you must drive down to below-mentioned destinations that have their own charm and appeal.